Treating Sport Injury

Sports injury will depend a lot on many factors such as how server the injury is and what part of the body is affected.


If you know about your injury then it will be more straightforward to find out about treating specific injuries. But, if you are unsure about your injury then it is important to visit a Surrey private healthcare professional.


If you have a minor injury then it is important to get it diagnosed before assuming your injury is only minor. Sprains and strains can actually be treated at home so long as you understand what factors to take into consideration before treating your injury.


The PRICE method is the best therapy for minor injuries:


Protection: By protecting the affected area from any further injury, you can do this by using a support for the affected area.


Rest: You should try your hardest to avoid exercising the affected area and reduce physical activity all together. If for example your ankle has been affected then you should use crutches if you cannot put weight on the affected area.


Ice: You should try and use an ice pack on the affected area, by putting ice on the area for about 20 minutes every few hours. Wrap the ice very well to avoid it directly touching your skin and causing a horrible case of ice burn.


Compression: You can use compression bandages specifically made for minor injuries and helps to limit the amount of swelling to the affected area.


Elevation: It is important to keep the affected area raised above the level of the heart whenever you can, this will reduce swelling.




If physiotherapy  is necessary for people with long term injury then you may need physiotherapy, this is specialist treatment that can involve:


  • Massaging
  • Manipulation
  • Exercises

This should improve and strengthen the surrounding muscles and hopefully aid it back to normal. The main aim of physiotherapy is to help strengthen that affected body part and also helps to reduce the risk of the injury getting worse.

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